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Unclogging Blocked Drains for the Hawkesbury Area

If your drains are blocked, you’ll need an experienced team of qualified plumbers to fix your problem fast. The Martech Plumbing team have been unblocking drains for over 30 years, so not only do we understand the various methods available to get that blocked drain fixed, we can also do it quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality workmanship.

Drain cameras

To fix a blocked drain, it’s crucial to know what’s causing that blockage so we know what the best course of action to take may be and to ensure the integrity of your drains remains intact. With high-quality CCTV camera technology, we can locate the problem or the point where the blockage occurred in your drainage and identify the cause of the blockage. Once the job is complete, we will supply you with a DVD containing all of the recordings taken.

High-pressure hydro jetting

With a capability of clearing blocked drains of up to 40 metres long from one access point, our high-pressure hydro jetter is ideal for fixing even the toughest of blockages. Our 5000psi hydro jetter is one of the best on the market and comes with a root-cutting action that can get through whatever is blocking your drain. Our trained and experienced team have extensive knowledge of plumbing systems, so you can rest assured that your blocked drains will be attended to effectively and efficiently.

Pipe location

Save time and money with the location of water, gas and sewer services by using the pipe locator services here at Martech Plumbing.

Our pipe locator can detect pipes in the ground without any digging necessary and has proven invaluable when dealing with a variety of plumbing maintenance issues. 

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